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Shoreline defenders are used to random raids from the sea. Normally, these assaults are often haphazard attack by pirates. But when the Kraken Banner rises from beyond the horizon, they prepare for a different level of destruction altogether. These Blacktyde Chosen are well-trained and well-equipped with heavy armor and master-crafted axes. In battle, they rapidly form their ranks and sweep a path clear through any defences or defenders that stand in their way. They are not like regular raiders in that they do not take any spoils from those they defeat, leaving it to other House Greyjoy units. When the Blacktyde Chosen hit the beach like a wave, it’s the beach that gives way.


12 Miniatures: 1 Blacktyde Chosen Bannerman, 11 Blacktyde Chosen: 1 Unit Card, 1 Movement Tray 

Ficha técnica

2 o +
60 min
a partir de 14 años
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