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Escape Tales Card Game: Children of Wyrmwoods...

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Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmwoods is a story driven escape room in card game form, with immersive exploration, no time limits when solving puzzles, and a collection of tough choices that will captivate and draw you deeply into a riveting story set in a dark and mysterious world.

Origins: First Builders (Inglés)

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In Origins: First Builders, you are an archon, guiding a population of freemen, influencing the construction of buildings and monuments, climbing the three mighty zodiac temples, and taking part in an arms race — all in an effort to leave the greatest mark on mankind's ancient history.

Tabannusi: Builders of Ur (Inglés)

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Set in ancient Mesopotamia, a cradle of civilization, at a time when the location of Ur was a coastal region, players work to build the Great City of Ur, expand its districts, and establish themselves as powerful builders. Tabannusi: Builders of Ur features a stunning board showing the city of Ur divided into 5 regions, each tied to a specific color die.

Zapotec (Inglés)

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In a game of Zapotec, you build temples, cornfields and villages in the three valleys surrounding the capital to generate resources needed for building pyramids, making sacrifices to the gods, and performing rituals.

Tekhenu: Time of Seth (Inglés)

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Tekhenu: Time of Seth adds new layers of interaction and new options to Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun. A new board opens up options of conquering neighboring lands to receive in-game benefits, as well as new scoring opportunities.